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January 6th suspect granted refugee status by Belarus

An American man who fled the U.S. after being charged with assaulting police officers during the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was granted refugee status in Belarus, according to a Belarusian state-owned news agency.

The Belarusian Telegraph Agency reported that the man, Evan Neumann, was notified Tuesday that country’s Interior Ministry granted him refugee status. An immigration official, Yuri Brazinsky, said Neumann illegally crossed into Belarus in August 2021 from Ukraine.

“He explained that he noticed surveillance there, began to fear for his life and health. He took with him a map, a backpack with things and crossed the state border in the area of responsibility of the Pinsk border guard, where he was immediately detained,” Brazinsky told the state news agency.Neumann said in an interview with the news agency, “I feel safe in Belarus. Calm. I like the country. I have mixed feelings today. I am glad because Belarus has taken care of me. I am upset because I found myself in such a situation that there were problems in my native country.”

Neumann did not immediately respond to a request for comment on LinkedIn.Neumann was wanted on six criminal charges, according to a filing with the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., in March 2021. The filing alleged he punched police officers and used a metal barricade at the Capitol to ram into them during the Capitol riot on Jan. 6.His LinkedIn profile said he “participated in the Ukrainian Orange Revolution” in 2004 and 2005, when mass protests erupted because of claims fraud in a presidential election, according to the U.S. court filing.Neumann, who according to the court filing is from Mill Valley, California, said in an interview with a Belarusian state-run TV news channel in November that he traveled to Italy in March 2021 and then made his way to Ukraine. After spending several months there, he said, Ukrainian security officials started to follow him, prompting him to cross the border into Belarus, where he was detained by border guards.

“It’s terrible. It is a political persecution, not a criminal investigation, but political persecution,” Neumann said of the charges in the TV interview. “I do not consider myself having inflicted any harm,” he said. “One of the charges was particularly insulting, namely that I hit a police officer. This has no grounds at all.”

4 thoughts on “January 6th suspect granted refugee status by Belarus

  1. Nancy Pelosi, Liz Cheney and all of the J6 committee plus the capitol and FBI are committing political persecution and terrorism with their anti-American insults to the conservatives that were at the J6 rally. They ae more guilty than anyone that was there! I demand they all be arrested, no bail and try to worm their way out of the traitorous trouble!

  2. Ok, so why doesn’t this Neumann pussy come back and prove he did not do what they say, let him refute the evidence. But on the other hand, I am all in favor of sentencing all of the 1/6 terrorists to Belarus. Let them try to march against that government!!!

    1. He does not have to prove anything!! This IS a political witch hunt!! And you are one of the crazy demon 🐀!!

  3. I agree – in the USA we have political persecution and now political prisoners – and they are blatant about the crime of persecution. The whole Russia Hoax was, perhaps the biggest and most blatant example of political persecution and to the horror of many loyal Americans it was spearheaded by our once vaunted FBI! And NOBODY paid any price for the havoc they caused for several of the supporters of President Trump and their families. Every innocent American should be horrified that such a flagrant injustice could be perpetrated with NO CONSEQUENCES for anyone. In my opinion the January 6 was way less dangerous than any of the riots that liberals refused to control or even speak out against through the entire year before the demonstration turned riotous on January 6. And even the fact that they know there were some of the elements in stirring the pot who ran the riots of the year before and so-called undercover FBI agents who egged on innocent Americans to do something the agents knew could incriminate them. The most disgraceful thing about January is how the government officials have handled it!!

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