Jen Psaki, who has been the White House press secretary for the entirety of the Biden administration, is about to call it quits. According to a person with knowledge, Mrs. Psaki is heading to MSNBC..

According the source, the station is planning on giving the former press secretary an entire show on its streaming partner Peacock.

Psaki has long said her job as White House’s top spokesperson would be a temporary one and she has already stuck with the job past the one-year timeline she had planned on. During an interview with POLITICO in November, she hadn’t decided if she would stay at the podium through the midterm elections but has often talked about wanting to spend more time with her young children.

“I have two little kids, as you know, 3 and 6,” Psaki said in November. “I also think this is a job that’s the honor of a lifetime — working for this president at this moment in history — but I’m a believer in lifting people up and having new faces and new voices out there, and I think that’s an important part of my role too.”

Bedingfield has expressed interest in taking on the role in the past and is familiar with Biden world. She worked with President Joe Biden in 2015 when he was vice president and was his communications director for the 2020 primary campaign.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby and Deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre have also been floated as possible contenders for the job. Jean-Pierre would be the first openly gay, Black woman to formally serve as the White House’s top spokesperson.