CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour is receiving heaps of praise online after cancelling an interview with Iran’s president, who demanded she wear a headscarf.

In a thread on Twitter, Amanpour explained that in the midst of protests sweeping Iran, following the death of a woman arrested by the country’s “morality police,” she had plans to interview President Ebrahim Raisi, who is in New York for a UN general assembly.

When an aide informed Amanpour that the president wanted her to wear a headscarf for the interview, she declined.

“We are in New York, where there is no law or tradition regarding headscarves,” she wrote. “I pointed out that no previous Iranian president has required this when I have interviewed them outside Iran.”

The aide informed her that wearing a headscarf was a “matter of respect,” and alluded to the situation in Iran — where people are protesting the death of a woman who was detained for breaking hijab laws.

Amanpour says she walked away from the interview.

While speaking about the incident on air, Amanpour described the situation as “very unsettling.”

“I have never been asked by any Iranian President, and I have interviewed every single one of them since 1995, either inside or outside Iran — never been asked to wear a headscarf.”