Politics has a way of profoundly harming families, and this is a great example.

A 19-year-old named Saga who describes themself as a “Black Supremacist” on TikTok appeared in a viral video hurling insults at their late father during his funeral, calling him out for supposedly being a “racist” and “misogynistic” Trump supporter.

What you are is a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, Trump-loving, cis, straight white man,” Saga told a crowded auditorium in a video captioned, “POV: you’re in the audience watching me refuse to sing the praises of a s*** person at their funeral.”

The video, posted by Saga, has garnered 1.7 million views so far. Saga confirmed to The National Desk (TND) that it was from his funeral that took place roughly a month ago.

Saga, whose preferred pronouns are they/them, has a TikTok account full of videos speaking on the 19-year-old’s perceived issues with “cis men,” decrying racism, calling capitalism oppressive, discussing gender fluidity and more.

At the onset of the video in which Saga insults their father, Saga can briefly be heard expressing gratitude toward him, but their tone quickly shifted.

Dad, please know that while I am grateful and highly aware of all that you’ve given this family, I still don’t miss you,” Saga said in the video. “When you died, I felt like there was a hole. I missed something, but it wasn’t you. It was the idea of what you could [have] become. I missed being able to hope and wish that one day you’d turn a corner and see the world from my perspective.”

Saga went on to say that when their father died, “it solidified the fact” that he was never going to become the person they wanted.

You’ll never be what you could have been, but only what you are,” Saga states. “And what you are is a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, Trump-loving, cis, straight white man.”

Saga added that their father was “everything” they aspired not to be, and that they refused to “sing the praises of a man who is the paradigm of white supremacy” at his funeral.

I swear to god, I will make this world a better place. Not at all because of you, but in exact opposition to you,” Saga concluded, at her dad’s funeral

The National Desk (TND) spoke with Saga, who defended the speech and argued “you can’t disrespect a dead body.”

“Funerals and speeches are to provide solace to the people giving them. My solace was in my truth. It was in expressing and condemning all of the trauma my father has caused me and expressing my grief the way I needed to express it,” Saga told TND. “Some people think the funeral wasn’t the right place but what was the right place? When EVER would I get another opportunity to speak my truth and not just on tiktok to a screen but REALLY speak it. A part of me wanted to prove to myself that I had the bravery and the balls to be able to stand in my truth and belt it out to whoever could hear which is why I did it.”

Saga noted that they hope their speech has inspired others to “stand firm in their truth and speak it no matter what dissenting opinions would say,” and comfort others who have lost family members they didn’t get along with.

“I wanted to let people mourn him without a dissenting opinion souring their idea of my dad, but that robs me of my opportunity to make peace with his death,” Saga concluded.