Even for Trump supporters, this “major announcement” wasn’t what everyone expected.

President Biden on Thursday mocked former President Trump for teasing a “major announcement” that turned out to be a new line of digital Trump trading cards.

“I had some MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS the last couple of weeks, too…” Biden tweeted from his personal account.

The president listed a consumer price report that showed inflation easing in recent weeks, the signing of legislation to protect same-sex marriage, a prisoner swap that brought home WNBA star Brittney Griner after months of being imprisoned in Russia and falling gas prices as notable achievements for the White House in recent days.

Biden’s tweet was a swipe at his predecessor, who earlier Thursday unveiled a line of digital trading cards bearing his likeness for $99 each.

Trump posted on Truth Social a day earlier that he would be making a “major announcement” without providing any details. Some had speculated the announcement would be related to the Speaker race playing out among House Republicans or Trump’s largely inactive 2024 presidential campaign.

Instead, Trump revealed a line of digital trading cards that could be purchased with cryptocurrency or a credit card. Proceeds from the cards, which, among other looks, depict the former president as an astronaut and a cowboy, do not go to Trump’s campaign.

The announcement drew mockery and disbelief from liberals and some conservatives.

“Thank God, the digital trading cards are here. It was indeed a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT,” Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro tweeted.