has obtained information that the Pentagon has confirmed the shooting down of an unidentified flying object with suspected surveillance capabilities over Lake Huron.

The event reportedly occurred at 2:42 PM on Sunday, when an F-16 fighter jet took down the UFO from a height of 20,000 feet above the Great Lakes.

Even more shocking are the reports two similar unidentified aircrafts were shot down above Alaska and Canada shortly before the aircraft above Lake Huron.

“Based on its flight path and data we can reasonably connect this object to the radar signal picked up over Montana, which flew in proximity to sensitive DOD sites,” said a spokesperson for the United States Department of Defense.

“We did not assess it to be a kinetic military threat to anything on the ground,” the DoD spokesperson continued, “but assess it was a safety flight hazard and a threat due to its potential surveillance capabilities.”

“Our team will now work to recover the object in an effort to learn more.”

According to Daily Mail, this was the fourth object the United States shot down over the course of eight days.

The Pentagon further confirmed United States airspace is being “more closely scrutinized” following the Chinese spy balloon detected and subsequently shot down off the coast of North Carolina last week.

“We will remain vigilant,” the Pentagon said in a statement of their own. “The operations in the last week have been successful in taking down the potential threats.”

“Its path and altitude raised concerns, including that it could be a hazard to civil aviation,” they continued. “The location chosen for this shoot down afforded us the opportunity to avoid impact to people on the ground while improving chances for debris recovery.”

“There are no indications of any civilians hurt or otherwise affected.”

The Pentagon also confirmed the object was shot down shortly after flying over sensitive military sites located in Montana.

The shooting down of an unidentified flying object over Lake Huron on Sunday afternoon came just hours after a similar UFO was shot down over Alaska on Friday followed by another similar aircraft over Canada on Saturday.

Although there is speculation the unidentified aerial objects may be additional Chinese spy balloons, the White House has refused to characterize the objects until the debris is recovered and analyzed.