According to, sources have revealed that President Joe Biden’s wife, Jill, is closely monitoring his plans to run for a second term.

As a protective spouse, Jill is concerned about the toll that the presidency could take on Joe’s health and well-being. It seems that the couple has been having some disagreements about whether or not he should run again, with Jill wanting him to leave the White House on a positive note.

According to sources, Jill Biden has been taking on a more significant role behind the scenes in her husband’s administration. She has always been fiercely protective of Joe, even from the beginning of his presidency.

As a result, Jill has been involved in the hiring process for White House staff and has been a valuable source of advice and guidance for her husband.

Insiders have reported that Jill is now “running the show” more than ever before. She has taken on additional key duties and responsibilities, and as a result, her workload has increased.

However, Jill has risen to the occasion and has been successfully managing her expanded workload.

It has been reported that Jill Biden has been stepping in for her husband on occasion when he is unable to carry out his duties.

Jill, who has been married to Joe for almost five decades, has been actively campaigning for Democratic midterm candidates and attending numerous events.

According to sources, the White House is relying on Jill more than ever due to concerns about Joe’s cognitive abilities. Despite this, Jill has been working hard to support her husband and is a valuable asset to his administration.

Since becoming president, Dr. Biden has been an unwavering support to her husband, even ripping Joe’s aides when she thinks they are falling short.

“Jill started off as one of the most aloof first ladies in history, becoming the first to keep her day job as a community college professor after her husband’s election. But that has all changed,” spilled the political insider who sang her praises.

“To her credit, she hasn’t shied away from the moment and has really stepped up.”

Jill even hinted, herself, that Joe is gearing up for another run.

“He says he’s not done,” the first lady said in Nairobi during her trip to Africa amid speculation the official announcement will be in April. “He’s not finished what he’s started.”

“How many times does he have to say it for you to believe it?” she questioned.