Nearly 30 female students were allegedly hospitalized after playing with Ouija boards at a school in Colombia.

According to The New York Post, some of the students had fainted and displayed signs of “anxiety and other symptoms” after using one of the infamous spirit boards at the Galeras Educational Institution in the city of Pasto.

The school’s head, Hugo Torres, issued an official statement stating that there were “28 possible cases of anxiety in school students.”

The current state of health of the hospitalized girls has not been disclosed to the public.

In an official statement, school head Hugo Torres requested the community to avoid spreading rumors about the incident, as it was causing unnecessary panic among parents and students.

“Certain comments were made in the community that, instead of assisting in resolving the issue, caused confusion and a negative environment for our work,” he said.

Some parents are questioning why the Ouija boards were available to the girls during school hours.

“I work here in a hospital kiosk and every day I see three or four children arrive after fainting,” one mother said. “Parents, you have to move, investigate what’s happening at school, because our children cannot continue in this situation.”

She further stated, “It cannot be attributed to lack of food as our children always receive a nutritious breakfast.”