Tucker Carlson Says Trans Movement ‘Natural Enemy’ of Christianity

Following a shooting on Monday that left three 9-year-old children and three adults dead at a private Christian elementary school in Nashville, Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned viewers that the “trans movement is targeting Christians” because they are “its natural enemy.”

Carlson made his comments during his signature show on Tuesday night, a day after 28-year-old Audrey Hale—who police said identified as trans—entered The Covenant School in Nashville armed with two assault-style rifles and a handgun. The host told his audience that he saw the attack coming, having previously warned of the alleged dangers posed by trans people.

The trans community actually faces high rates of violence and discrimination in U.S. society and across the world, as testified by several studies and polls. But on Tuesday, Carlson argued that the trans movement is getting “militant and possibly dangerous” and claimed that the movement’s alleged anger is targeted “specifically at traditional Christians.”

According to the television host, the trans community is in direct opposition to Christianity and its values. He then added that his “fears [of the trans community] were confirmed” on Monday with Hale’s shooting rampage.

Hale, who police confirmed was female at birth but used he/him pronouns, was killed by police at the scene. Authorities said they found a manifesto, but the shooter’s motives are not yet known.

Carlson argued that the manifesto is being hidden to conceal an “obvious and undeniable” targeting of Christians. However, police believe that Hale, a former student at the school, targeted the institute because of some form of personal resentment.

Carlson is not the only right-wing figure to instrumentalize the gender identity of the Nashville shooter to promote anti-trans and anti-LGBT sentiment in the wake of the tragedy in Tennessee.

Conservative activist Charlie Kirk tweeted a video interview of progressive political commentator Cenk Uygur saying that trans Americans should get guns because they were in danger and “right wing lunatics are going to attack them.” Kirk commented: “Turns out the exact opposite was true.”

According to data from the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data, Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research, LGBT people are more than twice as likely to be victims of gun violence than their cisgender and straight peers.

Conservative author Candace Owens—who has called gender affirmation surgery “mutilation”—shared an image circulating on Twitter showing four individuals responsible for mass shootings in the past few years who identified as trans or non-binary, saying: “It’s almost like mental illness should [be] addressed, rather than ‘affirmed.'”

However, looking back at the hundreds of mass shootings that have occurred in the U.S. in recent years, the vast majority of shooters have been cisgender, straight, white men. According to Everytown for Gun Safety, a nonprofit organization that advocates for gun control, there have been more than 300 mass shootings in the U.S. since 2009. The number of perpetrators who identify as non-binary or trans is less than 1 percent.

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  1. The USA has been in a steep decline both fiscally and morally for several decades. We now find ourselves at the precipice and no one in government at any level is doing a damn thing to prevent our destruction. The leftist and very fascist Democrat Party has always been intent on destroying this union and they have finally brought us to the point where they are finding great success. Their positions on sexuality, climate, size of government, race, foreign affairs, never ending wars and an anti Christian position at every level has doomed us. We aren’t coming back from this self induced nightmare.

    1. Evils drug addiction, religion addiction, and homosexuality addiction must all be driven out of our USA !!!
      Our ancestors all left the ‘old countries” to get away from all those evils!

  2. Even as a gay man I DO NOT agree with the garbage and agenda the LGBTQ and Trans are pushing. I am so disgusted I don’t even want to be lumped in with this trash. FIRST AND FOREMOST ALWAYS IS GOD NOT LGBTQ!

    While many may not care for my lifestyle I NEVER pushed it in people’s faces or tried to push my lifestyle off on anyone, especially children. Shame on LGBTQ, you are an embarassment and appalling to those of us who do try to get along with everyone. You are killing everything we had fought for on rights for our spouses, jobs, and acceptance. You have gone way beyond that and now you are attacking God and Christians which is unforgiveable. May God strike you all down that have turned away from him! I will never stand by and support any LGBTQ that pushes reckless and dangerous agendas! If I have to stand with the straight community I will to show you that not all LGBTQ are gutter trash like you all are turning out to be!

    Absolutely deplorable and disgusting people that we are lumped in with and they are out of control!

    1. Thank you for your dishonest comments, Catholic father LMS… too bad you were caught and your Catholic school closed for sexually molesting the kids…

  3. Immoral is what it is. If being Trans and Gay is right, then why are there so many Drugs to keep them Alive? God made Man and Woman for a reason, Man made Queers to please themselves. Hand a Gay, Save America.

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