Zelensky Told Conflict is “Unwinnable”

The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been marked by violence, political upheaval, and geopolitical tensions since 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea and sparked an uprising in eastern Ukraine.

After a full-blown invasion by Russian forces in February 2022, the situation escalated further. Despite Ukraine’s insistence that Russian troops must pull back beyond its internationally recognized borders, Putin declared the annexation of several regions, including Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia, in September 2022.

Now, attention is turning to the possibility of a Ukrainian counteroffensive to push back against Russian forces. However, a British military analyst has cautioned that Ukraine is unlikely to make substantial territorial gains and may be left militarily weaker as a result. Instead, negotiations and ceding of territory to Russia may be necessary to bring about a lasting peace.

This analysis highlights the challenges facing Ukraine in its efforts to end the conflict.

While there is hope that Kyiv’s forces can inflict a major defeat on Putin’s army, the reality may be more complicated. Ukraine is at risk of depleting its reserves of soldiers and ammunition, leaving it in a precarious position. Furthermore, even if a military victory were possible, it may not bring about the desired political outcome.

The analyst suggests that negotiations and ceding territory may be necessary to bring about a lasting peace. This is a difficult proposition for Ukraine, which has long maintained that it will not cede any territory to Russia. However, the reality is that the war has become unwinnable, and the international community may be more willing to support a negotiated settlement than a continued conflict.

One key factor in negotiations will be security guarantees for Ukraine.

The analyst notes that NATO will likely play a role in this process, offering support and assistance to Ukraine in exchange for concessions from Russia. Additionally, foreign investment will be critical in helping Ukraine rebuild critical infrastructure after years of conflict.

Overall, the situation in Ukraine remains uncertain, with the potential for both escalation and negotiation. While hopes for a military victory over Russia are high, the reality may be more complicated.

Ultimately, a negotiated settlement may be the only viable option for bringing about a lasting peace in the region.

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  1. On the other hand, as a Jew, Zelensky can’t afford to lose the War to the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Hitlerites of Russia!
    And only the USA protects him from the Roman Catholic Hitlerites of the rest of Europe and much of Ukraine!

    1. He is a Jew in name only. He has not conducted his life as a Jew. His wife is a Christian and his children were baptized. He is just an ordinary secular citizen, who has become a world wide celebrity. He was thrust into this war, has commanded the attention of the world, and the respect, I presume, of the “majority” of his population.

  2. This article needs a more direct byline than just “truenewstoday1”
    I do not need to read an anonymous presumption from an unknown source. Is this the mail room boy’s contention? What are his credentials?

  3. true answer is for Russia to blow the hell out of Kyiv, make sure Zelensky is Killed on live TV. Zelensky is a Terrorist , He has stolen Millions from the USA.

    1. Ukraine has always been a corrupt country, just like every other country in the world…including us…the US! It is undeniable that large sums of money, here and everywhere else, is pilfered by insiders who know the ropes and see the nooks and crannies where loose change (i.e millions of $’s) can be pushed into one pocket or another. We’ve seen it with Covid relief funds, other social floor fund programs. The stealing is rampant and widespread at all levels of government and NGOs, large organizations like a university, a public company. At the Federal level, millions of $ can be hidden in the weeds, not quite as much in the States (except California), and even lesser amounts at the local level. But the people in these swamps, can see the loopholes in the systems, and walk away with stolen money, or goods, or food, etc., until someone (maybe jealous?) stumbles on them and calls out their thievery. Eventually, maybe it’s the audit process, or a manger that realizes the inventory is shrinking. Just never stops!

    2. Have you ever been to Ukraine or any other former Soviet Republic? I doubt it as you have zero knowledge of the problems as indicated by your post.

  4. After all of NATO’s posturing, free satellite intelligence, billions of US taxpayers dollar stolen by Biden* & given *unconditionally* to Zelinsky, plus military weapons & equipment, plus all the EU support and the charlatan Zelinsky & the UKR kleptocracy cannot recognise that the war they provoked is over for them.
    Zelinsky was elected to seek a peaceful resolution to the Donbas area question. Why is he fighting a un-winable war over predominantly Russian speaking territory that was always Russian?
    Why has Zelinsky said NO to all ceasefire & peace overtures?
    The fools at NATO, the EU, Britain & Germany should push for peace, not add more & more expensive military hardware that the Russian forces will just destroy when it arrives.
    Honour the Minsk II agreements of 2015. Defund the Ukraine war. Give peace a chance!

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