A controversial regulation that forbade a contractor from flying anti-Biden flags with strong wording disparaging the president is about to be repealed by a Louisiana island municipality. According to The Associated Press, this development follows a settlement that was filed on Friday with a federal court.

The Tulane First Amendment Law Clinic filed the complaint on behalf of Ross Brunet, a resident of Cut Off, Louisiana, who frequently travels to Grand Isle, Louisiana.

Three banners that Brunet had flown proudly from his vehicle were clearly marked with profanity, two of which were aimed at President Biden and his supporters.

Grand Isle agreed to remove the regulation that forbade nonpermanent signs with offensive language as part of the settlement. By October 20, the town is anticipated to have finished this process, according to NBC News.

According to court records that NBC was able to obtain, Ross Brunet was issued seven tickets in 2021 and 2022 for flying the contentious flags. As part of the settlement, Brunet will get a compensation award of $40,000, which will cover legal fees and damages.

This decision represents a dramatic turn in the legal dispute over the display of politically inflammatory content. The settlement is a balance that upholds social norms and respects individual rights, allowing for the expression of free speech while resolving concerns about indecency.