The View Settles Lawsuit with Kyle Rittenhouse

According to the Rittenhouse family’s spokesperson, Joe Barron, ABC’s show “The View” has agreed to issue a written apology to Kyle Rittenhouse and his mother, Wendy Rittenhouse, along with a $22 million check as part of a settlement.

Barron stated that the settlement process was quick and not particularly challenging.

Reportedly, the show’s producers were eager to resolve the issue to distance themselves from negative publicity.

Over the past few months, a series of stories have emerged regarding Whoopi Goldberg’s suspensions and firings, as well as more than 11 lawsuits filed against the show, leaving the team to question whether the controversy was worth it.

Our records indicate that the majority of attacks against The View originate from websites pretending to be right-wing propaganda but are, in reality, leftist trolls mocking supporters of former President Trump.

While none of the previous lawsuits have been legitimate, this particular one is undoubtedly valid. We assure you of that.

According to an individual with inside knowledge of the situation, the apology must feature the phrase “Kyle Rittenhouse isn’t a murderer” at least four times.

However, the source was uncertain as to why the mathematics precede the science and what it signifies. Our editors speculate that if the math comes before the science, the entire matter may be incomprehensible, resulting in a favorable outcome for Rittenhouse.

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