According to, Trammell Crow, a billionaire property tycoon who is associated with Sarah Ferguson, the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, has been accused of bankrolling a sex trafficking ring. Two California women have filed a lawsuit in the United States, alleging that Crow provided “essential financial assistance” to the alleged sex trafficking operation.

As reported by Daily Mail, a lawsuit was filed in November against Trammell Crow and his associates. The lawsuit was brought forward by Julia Hubbard and Kayla Goedinghaus, who accused Richard Hubbard of running an alleged sex trafficking ring with “essential financial assistance and influence” from Crow.

According to the lawsuit filed by the purported victims, Crow allegedly employed “force, threats of force, fraud, or coercion” to coerce Hubbard and Goedinghaus into engaging in sexual acts for money.

Additionally, Crow’s associate is accused of administering drugs like Xanax to the women to compel them to participate in sexual activities.

The lawsuit further claims that Crow’s financial support played a crucial role in the enterprise’s continued operation and success.

After alleging that the two plaintiffs in the case had been married or romantically involved with the defendants mentioned in the lawsuit, Ken Stone, who represents Crow, has filed a motion to dismiss the U.S. lawsuit against his client.

In Stone’s view, the plaintiffs’ efforts to turn their ongoing domestic disputes into federal human trafficking and racketeering allegations are a calculated ploy to extort money from those who had the misfortune of encountering them.

“The story shared by the Plaintiffs is upsetting and paints a picture of numerous troubled and broken domestic relationships,” Crow’s attorney continued. “We are certain this will be made clear in future legal proceedings.”

Crow, who is also an environmental philanthropist, reportedly met Prince Andrew’s ex-wife earlier this month and the two “bonded” over their shared interest in environmental issues.

According to the Duchess of York’s spokesperson, Crow and Fergie have only met “once” to discuss “environmental issues.”

“The Duchess has only met Crow once with others to discuss environmental issues,” Fergie’s spokesperson said following the allegations against Crow. “They met on one occasion in his capacity as the organizer of Earth X, the world’s biggest environmental gathering, and she was unaware of these allegations.”

“She has no plans to work with Crow or meet him again,” Fergie’s rep added.