War Between China And Taiwan Imminent

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister, Joseph Wu, has condemned China’s military exercises and warned that Beijing seems to be preparing for war against Taiwan. Wu made these comments in an exclusive interview with CNN after China carried out “joint precision strikes” on Taiwan during its military exercises around the island. The exercises appear to mark the first time the Chinese navy has simulated strikes by aircraft carrier-based warplanes on Taiwan.

China’s ruling Communist Party claims Taiwan as its territory, and in recent years, as its power has grown, Chinese leader Xi Jinping has made clear his ambitions to “reunify” with the island – by force if necessary. The Chinese exercises around Taiwan are seen as a serious warning against the Taiwan separatist forces’ collusion with external forces and a necessary move to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Taiwan and China have been governed separately since the end of a civil war more than seven decades ago, in which the defeated Nationalists fled to Taipei. Taiwan transitioned from authoritarian rule to a democracy in the 1990s and is now ranked one of the freest jurisdictions in Asia by Freedom House, a US-based non-profit organization.

The United States has a legal obligation to provide Taiwan with defensive weaponry through the Taiwan Relations Act. President Joe Biden has said that the US would defend the island militarily if China were to attack. However, administration officials have insisted that the US remains committed to its “one China” policy.

Taipei has asked France for clarification after French President Emmanuel Macron appeared to question whether France should get involved in the Taiwan crisis. He said, “the worst thing would be to think that we Europeans must become followers on this topic and adapt to the American rhythm or a Chinese overreaction.” French officials later said his comments were misinterpreted.

Wu emphasized that defending Taiwan is their own responsibility, but they appreciate the United States for having a posture that creates a situation where China knows its military attack against Taiwan will be associated with a heavy cost. The Taiwanese government looks at the Chinese military threat as something that cannot be accepted, and they condemn it. Wu expressed confidence in Taiwanese preparations, saying that Chinese leaders will think twice before deciding to use force against Taiwan.

In conclusion, tensions between China and Taiwan have been rising, and China’s recent military exercises around Taiwan appear to indicate that it may be preparing for war. The United States has a legal obligation to provide Taiwan with defensive weaponry, and President Biden has said that the US would defend Taiwan militarily if China were to attack. However, the US remains committed to its “one China” policy. As the situation continues to evolve, it is important for all parties involved to prioritize peaceful resolution and avoid any actions that could escalate tensions further.

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  1. let’s get this straight, the USA is already running low on Weapons and Ammo, because of Ukraine and now The USA is going to help Taiwan with our short supply. What are we going to do, when Russia and China attack us? We don’t have bombs and we don’t have enough Fuel to fly the planes and run the tanks. Thanks to Biden and the Idiot Democrats, we are setting ducks.O yea, what about all of the other Countries that HATE us. we are goners. Thanks Democrats!

    1. NO Don, we are not running out of weapons.
      Where do you get such a dumb idea?

      But if China does take over Taiwan and their microchip manufacturing facility (well over 80% of the world production) we them would have some real problems not only for weapons, but for anything that needs microchips to function.
      Before you ….as usual, blame the Democrats for every ill that affect us, remember that the average Capitalist that moved jobs to China is a republican donor and it was Nixon (a previous Republican highest level criminal before Trump came along) was the one that opened China for American investment.

      1. Geronimo Antonio Schmidt, you left out your asshole buddy Billy KKKlinton, that sent our jobs, and manufacturing to Mexico. Funny what you niggeRATS leave out.

      2. Democrats have been the enemy of America, its people,our Constitution and the Rule of Law since the Civil War. They have openly morphed into the leftist Marxist loving party we now suffer under. From the destruction of our economy to the overreaching decadent lack of morals the Democrats have succeeded in destroying our nation. Barring a total reversal of the Democrats declaration of war on common sense and real science we are already doomed. We aren’t coming back and when the next war starts it will likely include nuclear weapons. Biden is the perfect example of a lifetime of lies, corruption, innate stupidity and senilty. Thank you Democrats for all you do in the memory, of Stalin, Lenin, Hitler and Mussolini.

  2. OK, we have a legal responsibility to protect Taiwan if they are attacked, even by China, but we also have the “one China policy”, which means we see Taiwan as part of China. This is sounding a lot like Schrodinger’s cat.

  3. Simple solution. Give Taiwan under the table a few nuclear missiles and let them announce they develop those themselves and this will give China a pause before trying to invade.
    The worst thing Ukraine did, was to give away their nuclear weapons under the guarantee that Russia and the USA of protecting their security. Obviously, we are living up to the agreement BUT Russia have seriously violated the agreement…SO What is new?

    BTW, this is a very similar solution that the soviets tried when they stashed nuclear missiles in Cuba.

  4. The US should Install Mobile Tactical Nukes in Taiwan , and tell XI, Lets dance MOFO ! Taiwan should Create a Blood Bath for any Invading Chi Communist Troops !

  5. I am thinking China will still it with elections They will have one of there ppl run in disguise . Say someone they can Control RIGG the eletion and then have there Country easy By lying and stilling. But will use weapons if need be Because they sure cant fear the US any more Thanks to the bitme crowd

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