In a recent interview on Bravo’s What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Chelsea Clinton opened up about her friendship with Ivanka Trump, stating that it ended when “she went to the dark side.” The interview took place alongside her mother, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and touched upon their relationship with the Trump family.

When host Andy Cohen asked Chelsea Clinton about her friendship with Ivanka Trump, she acknowledged that they were once friends. She clarified that while they were not the go-to people for each other when seeking advice or support, they did share a friendship. However, Chelsea Clinton mentioned that their friendship changed when Ivanka Trump aligned herself with her father’s political agenda.

The younger Clinton revealed that the last conversation she had with Ivanka Trump took place in November 2016, shortly after her mother lost the presidential election to Donald Trump. Since then, the public perception of their relationship has shifted as Ivanka Trump served as a senior advisor in her father’s administration, which has faced criticism from the Clintons.

In October 2020, Chelsea Clinton explained her decision to end the friendship during an interview on Bravo. She stated that she had no interest in maintaining a relationship with someone who was actively involved in an administration she believed embodied cruelty and incompetence. While she acknowledged that Ivanka Trump and her father were not identical in their actions, Chelsea Clinton expressed her view that Ivanka Trump was complicit and, as a result, she chose to sever ties.

The Clintons’ interactions with the Trump family were also discussed at the beginning of 2016 in an interview with People magazine. At the time, Chelsea Clinton emphasized that her relationship was primarily with Ivanka and that she believed friendship should take precedence over political differences. She expressed her willingness to separate individuals from their parents or other family members’ actions and maintained a positive view of Ivanka Trump as an individual.

The revelation of Chelsea Clinton’s strained friendship with Ivanka Trump offers insight into the complexities of personal relationships influenced by political affiliations and public roles. While friendships may be tested and altered by political divisions, it is a reminder that individuals can have differing perspectives on personal and political matters.