A shocking video has emerged capturing a mob of up to 40 teenagers viciously beating a group of off-duty Marines in San Clemente, California. The incident occurred on Friday evening when the Marines, enjoying their Memorial Day weekend, approached the group and requested that they stop lighting fireworks on the beach. In response, the mob began to follow the servicemen, hurling verbal abuse and threats.

The now-viral footage reveals a distressing scene as the Marines walk toward San Clemente Pier Bowl. As they climb a set of steps, members of the mob behind them can be heard shouting obscenities and ordering them to leave. Suddenly, one of the attackers sprints forward and delivers a sucker punch to one of the Marines. Reacting swiftly, the Marine retaliates, knocking down his assailant. However, the situation quickly escalates as the mob descends upon the Marine, launching a relentless onslaught of punches and kicks.

Throughout the violent assault, the mob can be heard shouting derogatory slurs and encouraging further harm. The victims attempt to protect themselves by curling into the fetal position and covering their heads. The attack only subsides when a man and a woman intervene, pleading with the assailants to stop.

Although the Orange County Sheriff’s Department initially estimated the involvement of 10 to 30 teens and young adults, further footage from a distance suggests that the number of attackers may have exceeded 40. The department has vowed to thoroughly investigate the incident and bring all individuals responsible to justice. Sergeant Frank Gonzalez of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department labeled the attack as an “assault with a deadly weapon” due to the number of suspects involved.

Despite the severity of the assault, the victims, all confirmed to be Marines, declined medical treatment at the scene. However, one Marine, Hunter Antonino, expressed concerns about a potential concussion after being stomped on during the attack. Antonino described the incident as “not cool” and lamented the injuries he sustained. He and his fellow Marines, who were enjoying time off from Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, had only asked the group to cease lighting fireworks after debris struck Antonino in the face.

Law enforcement authorities have pledged to fully investigate the incident, even if the victims choose not to press charges. The San Clemente Mayor, Chris Duncan, expressed his dismay over the timing of the attack, noting the tragic irony of the assault occurring on Memorial Day weekend—a time when Marines are honored and celebrated. Duncan reassured the public that Marines will always be welcome in San Clemente and promised that they would continue to receive the utmost support and care from the community.

The violent attack on the off-duty Marines has ignited outrage and condemnation from across the country. It serves as a somber reminder of the sacrifices made by servicemen and women and underscores the importance of fostering a culture of respect and appreciation for those who dedicate their lives to protecting our freedoms.