A family and their newborn child are unwell following a startling Florida chemistry student incident in which the student is accused of injecting an opioid “chemical agent” beneath the front door. The incident was made public after Umar Abdullah and his expectant wife moved into a new condo in Tampa in June 2022 and began to have health problems following what they believed to be an injection from their downstairs neighbor, Xuming Li.

Li initially complained about noise and disturbances, which is how the incident started. But as things became more tense, the Abdullah family started to feel queasy and throw up. They called in experts to look into the source after smelling something chemically. In spite of attempts to locate and get rid of the smell, the issue remained.

Abdullah saw a fissure in the corner of his entryway, which made him suspicious. Afraid that his neighbor could be connected, he installed a covert camera and recorded Li squatting outside his door. Abdullah discovered video footage of Li reportedly putting a liquid into the crack after modifying the camera angle.

Li’s arrest by Tampa police resulted from the incident. He is accused of several felonies, including burglary and possession of a controlled hazardous narcotic. The injected “liquid chemical agent” turned out to be a combination of methadone and hydrocodone, two narcotic painkillers, according to a hazmat test.

Li was registered at the University of Southern Florida as a doctorate student in chemistry, but the institution states that she hasn’t been enrolled since the summer 2023 semester finished. He is expected to appear in court on December 5 after being freed on bond. In addition, he is being sued for breach of contract by the condo association and domestic abuse by Abdullah.

The incident demonstrates how unsettling the said acts were and how they affected the victims. According to reports, Abdullah’s family celebrated their daughter’s first birthday in the apartment, but because of the painful event, they may move.