A strange and unsettling sight was discovered by hikers in Germany’s Harz Mountains, where they managed to take a picture of an enigmatic nude person known only as the “wolf man.” Hikers Gina Weiss and her companion Tobi were astonished and confused by what happened on Tuesday. Seated on a rock, the disheveled figure—who was thought to have spent at least five years living in the wild—was seen clutching what looked like a spear. The eerie experience continued for roughly ten minutes and gave the sense that the person was from the Paleolithic age.

The man’s unwavering stare and features akin to that of a Stone Age humanoid were described by 31-year-old Gina Weiss in her account of the encounter with German daily Bild. She described how he stood high on one of the sand caverns, holding a long wooden staff like a lance.

The mystery figure has previously been encountered. Allegations have emerged in the last five years regarding a somebody dressed in “wolf fur or in a wolf costume” going through the Blankenburg area’s wildness. After this mysterious man was mentioned in several reports to the police, emergency workers went in search of him. In spite of these efforts, the figure avoided being found.

Though the “wolf man” mythology has garnered attention, there are issues that go beyond his legendary status. Given the intricate topography of the Harz Mountains, authorities are concerned that a person residing in the woods may unintentionally start a wildfire.

The haunting traditions and myths surrounding the Harz Mountain range date back a long way. It is renowned for its lush foliage and winding terrain. Stories of mysterious happenings and otherworldly animals in these untamed areas abound in German folklore. Tales of witches, old rituals, and menacing monsters hiding in the shadows are part of the culture of the Harz region. For that reason, the region has an annual festival known as “Witches’ Night” or “Walpurgis Night,” honoring the tradition of witches descended from the highest peaks.

With the enigmatic “wolf man” being sighted recently, the Harz Mountains—a region rich in folklore and history that never fails to pique curiosity—become even more intriguing.