An NYPD sergeant has been suspended without pay following a fatal event in Queens, New York, where it is reported that the victim was killed when the sergeant hurled a picnic cooler at a motorbike rider. Following his fall from his motorcycle due to the cooler hitting him, Eric Duprey was declared dead at the site. In order to ascertain the facts surrounding the mortality, the office of the New York Attorney General has opened an investigation into the occurrence.

The event happened on August 23 in the evening close to 2505 Aqueduct Avenue. The picnic cooler was thrown at Mr. Duprey, who was allegedly on a motorcycle, by an NYPD officer known only as Erik Duran, according to a news release from the New York Attorney General. Duprey was killed when he fell to the ground as a result of the cooler’s hit. In a statement, the NYPD stated that at the time of the encounter, Duprey was attempting to avoid arrest.

According to their news release, the NYPD is dedicated to carrying out an exhaustive and transparent investigation into the situation in order to determine the facts and the proper actions to take going forward.

Law enforcement officers provided more information that illuminated the events leading up to the terrible tragedy. Duprey allegedly tried to sell drugs to a group of Bronx plainclothes officers who were carrying out drug enforcement operations at the start of the incident. Despite the efforts of law enforcement to capture Duprey on the spot, he was able to escape on a motorbike that was brought to him.

Sergeant Duran allegedly hurled the picnic cooler at Duprey’s head as he rode on the sidewalk toward the officers. Duprey struck a tree, a car, and finally the pavement as a result of the collision. His death was confirmed at the spot by emergency personnel.

The unfortunate incident has sparked inquiries into the activities of the parties involved and generated concerns. This has highlighted the significance of open and honest investigations and accountability within law enforcement organizations. The incident highlights the ongoing need for careful scrutiny of police actions and the potential consequences they may have in order to ensure the safety and well-being of the public.